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All Items : New Century : Jewelry : Sets : Pre 2000 item #842097 (stock #vrba20LIX)
Fantasy Jewels
Regal and dramatic, this Lawrence Vrba set is elegant. Faceted round crystals and black beads, long oval faceted beads and tiny rhinestones compose the dangles on the fringe, while convex faceted black beads and rhinestones compose the necklace itself. The necklace is 19" end to end, including a 3" extension, and the front of the necklace is 4 1/2" from the top to the bottom of the fringe. Lawrence Vrba oval name plate is on the back of the necklace...
All Items : New Century : Jewelry : Necklaces : Contemporary item #942557 (stock #sorr7Q)
Fantasy Jewels
Robert Sorrell has only created seven of these necklaces, each hand made by him and each slightly different from the other. He calls this his "scarf". Aptly named since, like a cloth scarf, it is versatile and can be worn in a variety of ways--both ends in front, both ends in back, one in front and one over the shoulder, etc. Rhinestones are of the finest quality crystal and the craftsmanship is exquisite! Scarf is 45" end to end and is 3" wide at each end...
All Items : New Century : Jewelry : Sets : Contemporary item #952263 (stock #vrba26Kbx)
Fantasy Jewels
This elegant Vrba set has large and small clear and ruby red rhinestones and brilliant ruby red cabochons put together to form a lacy effect. The necklace is 15 1/2" end to end and has a 3" extender. It is 3" long at the center front. Dangle clip earrings are 1 1/2" long from the top of the clip. All pieces have the Lawrence Vrba name plate.