Coro Duette,  Double-Clip Brooch
 About Deco Clips

Clips were a mainstay of Deco jewelry, worn singly or in pairs on dresses and on furs.  Typically, they are geometric in design (though not always).   Their decorative surfaces are of colored or clear rhinestones, plastic (usually Bakelite) or enamel fronts.   Materials used for housings include base metal, sterling, or vermeil.  Many are unsigned, though designers such as Nettie Rosenstein, Weiss, Trifari, and particularly Eisenberg, also created them.  

As the 1940's approached, pairs of clips held together by a bracket  
with a pin for attaching to clothing, became popular.  These double-clip brooches can be worn as separate clips or as a single brooch.  Their initial designs were in the geometric Deco tradition, and then figurals such as flowers, birds, and other animals were created. These brooches were done by Coro (Corocraft, Coro Duettes) and by Trifari (Clipmates) among others. Some are unsigned.  

Clips are easy and secure to wear, quickly attaching to scarves, hat bands, purses, belts, and that plunging neckline. 

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