Hattie Carnigie Animal Head Brooch
About Vintage Costume Jewelry

Vintage costume jewelry is prized by collector's not only for its style, but for the reflection of the historical period it represents.  It reveals the fashion and the mindset of that time:   The brightness of Deco rhinestones and the shine of Bakelite cheered up the depressed 1930's.  The bold, lavish energy of 1950's jewelry expressed the mood of postwar booming economies.     

What is now vintage costume jewelry flourished both in Europe and America.  It was created primarily in base metals, though brass and sterling (sometimes with gold or rhodium washes) were used as well.  It was usually adorned with glass or crystal "stones," beads, plastics, enamel, and occasionally wood.    

Elitist pieces signed by fabulous designers such as Schiaparelli, Hattie Carnegie and Miriam Haskell, as well as charming unsigned pieces, are desirable.    

The vintage costume jewelry in this collection may range from the 1890's to 1970's.  Such jewelry is very wearable, elegant, frequently dramatic, and sometimes just plain fun!    

People in every part of the world are enjoying vintage costume jewelry as wearable art and as valuable collections.

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